10 Ways to Nurture Your Kids’ Curiosity (and your own)



Eleanor Roosevelt said that the essential elements in a child’s education are curiosity, interest, imagination, and a sense of adventure of life. With all the focus on passing tests, these essential elements seem to be badly neglected in our era.

Here are ten things you can do to nurture curiosity in your kids. Warning: In the process you will be reviving your own curiosity!

curious smily

Model curiosity

The most effective way to instill curiosity in your children is to be curious yourself. Say “I wonder…” as often as you can. Don’t pretend to be an expert in everything. Let your dinner conversations lead you to researching stuff you want to know.

My grandmother’s signature phrase was “Isn’t that interesting!” Behmm smiley like her.


Be positive

Fear of criticism kills curiosity.



Go outside

Notice beauty. Stop to smell the roses, pick daisys, and blow dandelion down. Admire beetles and spiders. Explore, even in your own backyard. Start a competition to be the first one to spot wildlife of any kind.


Slow down

Pause to admire clouds, watch sunsets and gaze at full moons,


Cultivate a sense of awe

Hunt for opportunities to say “Wow! Look at that!”

 telescope smiley

Look High

Look high Stars, meteor showers, mountains…travel smiley


Look Low

Use magnifying glasses, microscopes, pictures of things magnified many times…


There is much to experience out there. Enjoy diversity of culture, sights, and sounds.



Be bold. Try new tastes, and new experiences. Dabble. Don’t use the phrase “I don’t” as in “I don’t …swim, play that game, run fast…” Limit “I can’t” to things your doctor has explicity told you to avoid.

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 Be interested in people

Ask lots of questions. Become a better listener.

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