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Loved vs. Lonely on Christmas

alone on Christmas

I am alone but not lonely today, Christmas day. All of our assorted children and parents have moved on to celebrations with their other families. My husband and I had a nice time with them earlier so we are content alone. Alone and Lonely I am reminded of Christmases past when I was alone and lonely. I think about people […]

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How to Find Christmas Joy

get joy

This week I write about joy. There is joy, yes, a deep kind of unshakeable joy, but layered over the top there is emptiness, space,  yearning. I’ve decided this is good. Longing precedes peace. Looking precedes joy. I went to a store packed with Christmas stuff this week. I strode past the cheerful sales clerk who offered to help, thinking […]

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Where do you find hope in life?

optical illusion

Does hope come from living life your own way? Maybe hope is found in big bank accounts. Possibly the key is to know which kingdom has life right-side up.   Life in My Kingdom An Upside-Down Poem by Cassie Kimbriel and Beth Ratzlaff Modeled after Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed. Read from the top down, then read again from […]

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