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The Power of Small Things

Power of Doing Small Things

Small Things I spend seconds, which slip into minutes and pile up into days, months, years, decades, doing the small things that must be done but will be forgotten by noon. First thing this morning I stretched, made my bed, ate a piece of toast and a hard-boiled egg, brushed my teeth, made a to-do […]

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  Risk Life can be like the thunderstorms that gather most afternoons this time of year in my area. Vulnerability is a constant reality. There is no way to remove risk. Even trying to avoid risks is risky. I wrote those words yesterday morning. Around noon, puffy little cumulus clouds began to dot the sky […]

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Breaking Free from Shame

Why do we feel so much shame?

  Christianity is a religion of shame.   Agree or disagree? Come on, be honest. No one has to know what you really think. From the outside most people believe Christianity is an elaborate system of rules, rewards, and harsh punishments for keeping people in line. Most Christians believe it too. I sit over coffee […]

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How to Find Christmas Joy

get joy

This week I write about joy. There is joy, yes, a deep kind of unshakeable joy, but layered over the top there is emptiness, space,  yearning. I’ve decided this is good. Longing precedes peace. Looking precedes joy. I went to a store packed with Christmas stuff this week. I strode past the cheerful sales clerk who offered to help, thinking […]

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Where do you find hope in life?

optical illusion

Does hope come from living life your own way? Maybe hope is found in big bank accounts. Possibly the key is to know which kingdom has life right-side up.   Life in My Kingdom An Upside-Down Poem by Cassie Kimbriel and Beth Ratzlaff Modeled after Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed. Read from the top down, then read again from […]

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Thank You for the Bad Stuff

Thank you image

My Downside Up Thank You Note to God Dear God,   Thank you that I’m not remarkably talented or rich or smart. Those who can’t do it on their own, are invited into your kingdom where you turn everything upside down. The weak are strong. The last are first.   Thank you for heartaches. You wrap […]

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Fall Packing List: 7 Lessons I Learned this Summer

7 Lessons learned

It always seems strange to me that summer doesn’t end until late September. My calendar revolves around the school calendar, and summer ends now. School is back in session bringing with it back-to-school nights and homework. For educators it also involves many hours of preparation for new students. School ends the structure-less-ness of summer. I celebrate […]

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