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Three More Ways to Counter Terror

Corrie Tem Boom Quote

This week I am thinking about how Christians should respond to terrorism. The first post in this series, How to Resist Terror  and Counter Terror Operation: Courageous Love contrasted fearful responses with faithful ones. Today I wrap up with three more ways Christians can counteract terror. Counter Terror Strategy # 2: Counter terror by choosing to include every […]

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How to Resist Terror

Corrie Ten Boom Quote

The Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7   We cannot let terror win by playing by the rules it sets. Fear is gaining ground in the world. It seems to be infecting more and more hearts like an insidious disease. Senseless acts of violence perpetrated […]

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Is it all Good?

Can a thinking adult believe that all thing work together for good?

My reasoning when I was 5 years old went like this: The Bible is true. The Bible says God will use everything that happens for good. Everything is going to be okay. Twenty-five years passed. Everything did not feel okay. I could not envision a happy ending to my own story. I could not conceive […]

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Negotiating with a Tight-Fisted God: When God Holds Out On You

Negotiating with a Tight Fisted God

Seeing God through the lens of bad circumstances Last week I posted about viewing God as an open-handed God. This week I am thinking about the consequences of holding the contrasting view. Many people, even Christians, go through life negotiating with a tight-fisted God. “If I’m good, will you, God, agree to fix that painful part of my life?” Without even […]

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How to Have a Good Life

God's hand

Quick! Picture God’s hand. Is it pointing? Closed? Open with the palm up? In a fist? Holding your hand? The answer is important. It will determine whether you have a good life or not. Open-Handed God Some Christians go through life with an open-handed God. They believe God is always moving, always working, always doing […]

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One Way to be Happy

learn to be happy

Do you wake up with a smile on your face? Eagerly anticipate your day? Look at the world with childlike glee? It is possible to learn to be happy or at least to learn to be happier. Chances are you already have everything you need.   God provides us with everything to enjoy. One Key to Being Happy: Choose to […]

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Do I Measure Up? The Deadly Comparison Game

The comparison game and self image

My name is Beth and I am a comparison addict. My given name is Beth, not abbreviated from Elizabeth, so I have often introduced myself as “just plain Beth”. Without even thinking about it I tend to rank myself against everyone I meet. Who is the most beautiful woman here? Clearly that woman with the gorgeous voice singing up on the […]

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