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Barcelona, Terror, and Me

Barcelona photo, La Rambla, terror attack

On July, 22, just over a month ago my family took a tour of Barcelona. We checked into the Hotel Cuatro Naciones on La Rambla. We ate Paella at a café and wandered up and down the street. Yesterday terrorists attacked by mowing down pedestrians on La Rambla for blocks, right where we walked, ending […]

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Three More Ways to Counter Terror

Corrie Tem Boom Quote

This week I am thinking about how Christians should respond to terrorism. The first post in this series, How to Resist Terror  and Counter Terror Operation: Courageous Love contrasted fearful responses with faithful ones. Today I wrap up with three more ways Christians can counteract terror. Counter Terror Strategy # 2: Counter terror by choosing to include every […]

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Counter Terror Operation: Courageous Love

courageous hospitality

Counter Terror Strategy # 1: Counter terror by risking love. I heard a radio interview with a young woman who arrived at the outer door of her apartment building in Paris just as shots were fired by terrorists nearby. She had just slipped inside when a terrified crowd of strangers began pounding on her door. Frantically, […]

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How to Resist Terror

Corrie Ten Boom Quote

The Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7   We cannot let terror win by playing by the rules it sets. Fear is gaining ground in the world. It seems to be infecting more and more hearts like an insidious disease. Senseless acts of violence perpetrated […]

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Fire and Faithfulness

“There is faithfulness at the heart of all things.” (David Steindl-Rast, Gratefulness, p. 103) I sit in the shade counting my blessings. The soft music of a fountain makes harmony with the birds. Pansies and impatiens echo the song.  Things are different a few miles to the north.  Spectators line the shore of Horsetooth Reservoir […]

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