How to Look for Your Hero: Your Year in Review and Preview


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Discover why your year ahead is going to make a really good story

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A Personal Year in Review

At the end of the year news outlets and social media providers create “year in review” montages. Now that the calendar has turned to January spend a few minutes to examine your own year-in-review.

1. List the  3 – 5 most significant events in your life last year.

Write down anything that stands out about this past year, the happy, the painful and the indifferent all jumbled together.Don’t filter them in any way. List one time occurrences, or things that developed gradually over weeks or months. Use photos, colored pencils, write in different lettering styles, or create a attractive collage on your computer.

2. Beside each entry note how God was faithful in that event.

Looking back, did God show up? Did he do anything through that event?

I believe that God is always moving. He is always doing his people good. So the real question is how did he move? Looking back, God’s hand in the events of my past year was obvious, but I could so easily have missed it.

We tend disregard God’s movement in our lives unless we are alert and watching . We fall into blaming other people for the things we didn’t like and taking credit for the good stuff. That warped mindset robs us of hope.

3. Thank God for the ways he moved last year and the fact that he will continue to move in the good, the bad and the indifferent events of the coming year.

.To my hero letter

New Year Preview

4. Look forward with excitement to this new year because, as with all good stories, there will be moments of conflict, suspense, and moments when we don’t know what to do. Our stories will need the hero.

Life story with a powerful hero

Fortunately there is a hero in our stories. I am not the hero of my own life. Neither are you. We do not have to be victims of life either, no matter what happened in the earlier chapters of our lives. We choose whether to live tragic lives or lives full of action and adventure. The difference is not whether the story has dark parts and tragic elements. All of our stories have those. Some of us have stories with more tragedy than most. But that does not have to define us.

The difference is whether the story has a hero who is both powerful and good enough to defeat the forces of evil. The hero of our lives is faithful no matter what. His most dramatic moves often happen during the darkest moments. No matter whether the past year was a good one or we are glad to see it go, he was faithful this past year. We can anticipate with relish what he will do in the year ahead.

Thank you to Rebekah Layton of Cherry Hills Church for stimulating some of these thoughts. Watch her sermon here.



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