Favorite Speaker Topics

Examples of Beth’s favorite speaker topics. Beth would be happy to present one of these or craft an original talk for your group.



People everywhere suffer privately from isolation, insecurity and deep loneliness.  Without minimizing painful struggles, Beth offers a broader perspective based on the fact that God set his affection on you before the beginning of time. Read a related blog post: Loneliness and Depression: 3 Wise Bets and 3 Pieces of Advice




The authentic signature of an artist or potter or writer determines the value of the piece. In the same way we reflect God. He signs his name on us and therefore we are of inestimable value. An intriguing approach to identity from Ephesians 2, and Isaiah 43.


Jesus in our Midst– Meet Jesus as the apostle John did on the Isle of Patmos, transfigured, terrifying, and tender

Lasik surgery for the soul – Seeing the world through the lens of God’s love

A Tryst with God – How God woos hearts in desert times Read a related blog post: Why Personal Bible Study is not like Flossing Teeth



painty hands

Growing is messy business. Our hidden enemy shame wears us out, tears us down, and keeps us stuck.  Christians sometimes feel that church teaching only adds condemnation. The burden of becoming a better person is balanced on our own weary shoulders. But the scriptures teach a life free from condemnation. Read a related blog post: When Life Gets Messy


Prepping for the Big Reveal…


Meet your true self. Take a sneak peek at who we are inside and what we will look like when the divine artist has finished his work. Beth makes complex concepts simple as she discusses ramifications of the image of God in us and the reality of the work of the Spirit to make us new. Based on Romans 8 and other passages. Read a related blog post: Breaking Free from Shame



Don’t Follow the Recipe – Why doing everything right doesn’t lead to the good life

Confessions of a Good Girl – Why good girls like me might be the worst sinners of all

Curing Christian Zombies- Moving from deadness of soul to life


baby feet

It is not good for man, or woman, to be alone. Beth offers practical thoughts on the tricky task of developing authentic relationships.

Open Ears

dog all ears

Name the best listener in your life.  Did you have a long list of candidates? Listening is a difficult skill, rarely practiced, and never mastered. Why you should want to become the best listener you know and where to start.



Embracing Shadows – Forgiveness

Barefoot Believers – Seeing burning bushes, holiness in the ordinary

Soul Care – The art of friendship Read a related blog post: The Lost Art of Loving


Topics for parents

Nurturing curiosity –  why a good education must include imagination, curiosity and a sense of adventure. Read a related blog post: 10 Ways to Nurture Your Kids’ Curiosity

Letting go – The importance of releasing your kids. Read a related blog post: Wrestling and Releasing

Smart! – how to encourage your child’s own mix of gifts and intelligence

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