Summer Ideas for Your Small Group

Ideas for staying connected over the summer

I love summer. Summer fruit, warm evenings, no daily trips to school…


Vacations and relaxed schedules do impact small groups though. Some small groups can keep to the same schedule they have through the fall and spring. Others need to back off a bit. It is important to maintain your connections with each other even if you aren’t meeting as often. I sat down and brainstormed ideas for staying connected with your small group over the summer:


-Host a once a month barbecue.


-Encourage each family to invite one or two others for dinner.


-Organize a fun activity for women only (white water rafting?) and a different one for men only around a common interest. Be creative. Try something new and a little daring.


-Do an activity together. Maybe a family camping trip?


-Create a private social media group and post photos/updates/prayer requests and praises every week or so.


-Include your kids/teens. Have a parents vs. kids volleyball game or water fight.


-Become a book club. Read the same book then meet to discuss the themes in the book and how God moved in you through reading it. It could be fiction or non-fiction, whichever fits best. Call me if you’d like some suggestions for good books.


-Keep an informal every other week schedule. Meet even if only two or three people are free to get together.


-Set aside studies and focus on deepening your friendships instead. Listen with curiosity to each other’s stories. Take time to follow up on prayer requests shared during earlier gatherings.


-Get together one on one or for coffee.


-Designate prayer partners for a month at a time or longer. Call each other weekly to check in.


So that’s my brainstorming list.  Maybe it will help you get your own ideas flowing. I’d love to hear how you stay connected.

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  1. Katie Sturm June 7, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

    I love these ideas. My small group that is taking a break after 2 years would really like this. I’ll pass it on!

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