Thank You for the Bad Stuff

My Downside Up Thank You Note to God

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Dear God,


Thank you that I’m not remarkably talented or rich or smart.

Those who can’t do it on their own, are invited into your kingdom where you turn everything upside down.

The weak are strong. The last are first.


Thank you for heartaches.

You wrap me up in your arms, hold me, and comfort me.


Thank you for futility.

I can’t force or manipulate, or make things go my way.

You give me the best things as your gift instead.


Thank you for emptiness and longing.

That emptiness creates space for you to fill me up.


Thank you for people who hurt me.

Thank you for people who don’t apologize.

And people who take from me but give nothing back.

You forgive me asking nothing in return and

give to me when I don’t deserve it.


Thank you for change.

You make me new. I have new eyes to see what you are doing

and new ears to hear your voice

and a new heart to love you and to love like you.


Thank you for conflict and turmoil.

You are teaching me to say “Peace, be still” with you.

You put your power behind my words.


Thank you for opposition and attack,

when I am doing the right thing.

I am right behind you and looking forward to the best life,

the really good stuff is still ahead.


I didn’t learn to be thankful for these things without a life-long powerful shove in this direction. See Matthew 5:3 – 12.

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This is a good time for me to say thank you to you, reader, for meeting me here. I’m thankful for you, and I pray for each person who reads my words.




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2 Responses to Thank You for the Bad Stuff

  1. Lanae November 28, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    Great reminder!! I love it.

  2. Katie Sturm November 27, 2014 at 7:50 pm #

    I love this! Happy Thanksgiving my Friend.

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