Professional Biography


Beth’s unique approach to studying the Bible was learned through years working as an experienced educator. She studied the ways people learn best and effective questioning and discussion techniques. She continues to create exciting learning opportunities for groups of every age. Beth’s approach presents Biblical truths in ways that help people do much more than expand their knowledge. She coaches learners to reflect on truth, chew on and digest it until to it becomes engrained in the very fiber of their beings. She presents Biblical truth in ways that lend courage and strength. As an experienced educator, Beth inspires students to delve deep into their learning.


Whether working as a classroom teacher or site administrator or serving as a board member, Beth has always invited Christian transformation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Metropolitan State College of Denver, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Colorado Christian University and a certificate in Spiritual Direction from New Way Ministries.


Beginning in 1993, Beth was a founding board member and parent, at Front Range Christian School in Littleton, Colorado. She joined the K–12 faculty in 1999, serving in various capacities including classroom teacher at both elementary and Junior High students, founder of the Explore program for advanced students, and lead teacher (a position roughly equivalent to site principal) at the Upper Elementary campus. She served on the Board of Education again from 2011-2015.

She speaks to women’s groups, school groups, and church groups ranging in size from 20 to over 200. She has traveled internationally to lead intensive multi-track teacher training courses and speak to church groups and school groups. She provides individual spiritual direction, coaches small group leaders, and serves on the leadership team of one of Cherry Hills Community Church’s section communities.

Passionate about offering hope to women in other parts of the world as well as those closer to home, Beth serves on the steering team and the curriculum writing committee for Get Hope Global, a non-profit ministry that offers biblically-based business training curriculum and microloans to women in impoverished countries.  


Beth is the mother of three, mother-in-law of two, stepmother of two, and wife of one. She lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


My Story

“The Lord has given me the tongue of the taught that I may sustain with words those who are weary.”

Those prophetic Old Testament words, summarize the work God does. Like a parent who allows an eager young child to “help”, sometimes he allows me to join him as he encourages and   sustains his beloved children. I think I have wanted be his little helper since I was very young.

I went through a Romans 8:28 phase when I was 6 or so. Every Wednesday night my Family would bump over washboard dirt roads to our church nestled in the Colorado foothills. During “testimony” time every week I stood up and shared the same thing. I’d say that my favorite verse was “and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.” I didn’t know then that “work together for good” isn’t the same as “work out the way you want”. I was shocked that life could be so excruciating. My story is uniquely mine, but I have plenty of classmates in the school of suffering. No one graduates from life on this planet without some pain.

If we could sit down together in the quaint little coffee shop nestled into a book store near my home I would tell you that mine has been mostly relational pain. Starting as a child, I ached for deeply intimate relationships, but I didn’t know how to have them. I spent decades deeply lonely. When I was a young mother of three my Christian-leader husband lost his way for a number of years, and our marriage died a very slow and painful death. I resisted. I told myself that it was because I was the godly one in the relationship, but that was only pride masquerading as godliness. The truth is I was desperate to preserve my own safety and security. I struggled when God seemed deaf to my pleas. How could “all things work together for good” include allowing my worst nightmares to become reality? How could the God of good things allow me to suffer the humiliation of becoming a divorcee? I felt like I was demoted to second-class Christian.

I struggled to trust that God was big enough to see my kids through growing up in two halves of a family instead of one whole one. I still don’t believe divorce is a good answer to most marriage questions, but I am grateful to serve a God who can use even divorce for good. God used the humiliation, loneliness, the pressures of being a single mom, and later, the different and difficult pressures of being a step mother to bring me to life. He didn’t waste a moment of the pain. I wouldn’t trade the nearness to him I have now for the easy life I thought I wanted. Each time I suffer another false source of security is stripped away. Only then am I ready to learn something delightful. God himself calls me beloved.

Through the years, using circumstances, education career, and wise people who walked beside me and pulled or pushed me along, God has been shaping me. I am convinced that nothing, absolutely nothing matters as much as receiving God’s love and throwing it back to him. I am still in the process of becoming. Even though he is still creating me in his image, my privilege is to act out my part in his body, walking beside people, bringing them courage and hopeand a sense of belonging. I love caring for people’s souls, through the written word, speaking to large groups, teaching smaller groups, and meeting one on one.




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