Breathe! 1 Easy, Active, Potentially Playful Way to Pray

 Perhaps the challenge of the gospel lies precisely in the invitation to accept a gift for which we give nothing in return. For the gift is the life breath of God, the Spirit poured out on us through Jesus Christ. This life breath frees us from fear and gives us new room to live. Those who live prayerfully are constantly ready to receive the breath of God. And to let their lives be renewed and expanded. Those who never pray, on the contrary, are like children with asthma; because they are short of breath, the whole world shrivels up before them. They creep into a corner gasping for air, and are virtually in agony. But those who pray open themselves to God and can breathe freely again. They stand upright, stretch out their hands, and come out of their corner, free to move about without fear.” Henri Nouwen, With Open Hands

Breath life

Take a deep breath.

Sometimes I get so focused on trudging through life that I almost forget to breath. But I miss so much when I keep my head down that way.  After all, God breathes life!

“The Spirit of God has made me and the breath of the almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4

In the beginning God breathed life into mankind. (see Genesis 2:7)

Shortly after his resurrection Jesus suddenly appeared in the room where his fearful disciples had locked themselves.

He did something unusual and strangely familiar.

He breathed on them.  Just as he did once before, way back before everything.

He said, “Receive the Holy Spirit…”(see John 20:22)

The word breath itself is full of meaning because the same word is used for breath and wind and spirit. Every breath of wind on our skin, every breath we take can be a reminder that God is our source of life and his Spirit is with us.

From time to time I share simple little ways I reach out and squeeze God’s hand. He reminds me that he is right here and he loves me and he gives me life. Click here to see another idea.

Try breathing

Assuming you are breathing right now, you have time for this one.

Stand up

Stand in a space big enough to stretch out your arms. Go outside if possible.


Exhale slowly until your lungs are empty. Open your hands. Picture yourself letting go of anything that weighs you down, trips you up, or holds you back from being totally free and dependent on God. Ask for God’s forgiveness if you need to.


Take a deep and slow breath. As you do, ask God to breathe his life, his freedom into your lungs.

Dance a little

If you are like me, this will leave you feeling lighter and wanting more. Spin around a few times the way you did when you were young, smile, feel alive.

Thank you

Thank God for breathing life into you today. Breathe out and in deeply a few more times before you go back to whatever you were doing.


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  1. Merrie Lea October 12, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    Wonderful Advice!


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