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Devoted Dreamers

Devoted Dreamers Podcast

I am excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine. Merritt Onsa hosts Devoted Dreamers, a podcast that invites dreamers to tell their stories. I know this week’s featured guest quite well. Merritt is one of those people you like immediately, as if you’d known each other forever. We enjoyed an uplifting conversation […]

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Loved vs. Lonely on Christmas

alone on Christmas

I am alone but not lonely today, Christmas day. All of our assorted children and parents have moved on to celebrations with their other families. My husband and I had a nice time with them earlier so we are content alone. Alone and Lonely I am reminded of Christmases past when I was alone and lonely. I think about people […]

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Fall Packing List: 7 Lessons I Learned this Summer

7 Lessons learned

It always seems strange to me that summer doesn’t end until late September. My calendar revolves around the school calendar, and summer ends now. School is back in session bringing with it back-to-school nights and homework. For educators it also involves many hours of preparation for new students. School ends the structure-less-ness of summer. I celebrate […]

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