My God and Me Time Basket

I have a basket of favorite things I use when I sit down with God. My basket contains things that invite me to center, (more on centering here:  ) become aware of what is going on in me, sense God’s presence, and listen. Here are the things in my basket today.

An inviting journal

An inviting journal

I am admittedly quirky about my journal. I only pick it up if I love the feel of the cover on my hands and the texture of the pages. World Market and Barnes and Noble both have nice ones.

a pen for any mood

a pen for any mood

I keep a number of different colors of pens in my basket. That way the color I write with reflects my emotion, the tone of the verse I copy down, or the wisdom of the quote I am pondering.

colored pencils

colored pencils

I often make word clouds to help me meditate on a verse that speaks to me. I use colored pencils for this.


magazine clippings and scissors

I keep scissors and tape or glue and an old magazine in my basket. When my emotions are numb or my head is full of trivial things I sometimes rip photos and phrases out of magazines and combine them into a collage. Often, something so powerful it scares me emerges from this playful exercise.

An easy to read version, a favorite translation, and a study Bible

A simple version, a favorite translation, and a study Bible

I have several different Bibles. An easy to read version,  the English Standard Version, my favorite translation, and a study Bible. These are easy to access in apps or at but I like the old fashioned ink and paper kind of Bible best.


a prayer book, a book by wise guide from centuries past, and a book of poetry

The Holy Spirit teaches me but I also benefit from older and wiser guides. I always have at least one good book in my basket. Right now it is Intimacy with Christ by Jeanne Guyon. I also use this Celtic Daily Prayer book sometimes or read a poem or two by Emily Dickenson.

a basket of things I use for God and me time

putting it all together

I take my basket, a cup of tea, and some tissues to a comfortable chair, and God and I begin to talk.

Do you have me-time, or a God-and-me-time basket? What do you put in it?


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