How to Have a Good Life

God's hand

Quick! Picture God’s hand. Is it pointing? Closed? Open with the palm up? In a fist? Holding your hand?

The answer is important. It will determine whether you have a good life or not.

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Open-Handed God

Some Christians go through life with an open-handed God. They believe God is always moving, always working, always doing them good. He doesn’t hold back good things from the people he loves. People with an open-handed God don’t negotiate with him. They don’t try to wrestle a good life out of God’s closed fist. They chat. They converse. When they need something their tone is like that of a small child with a good parent. “Daddy, I’m thirsty. Could I have a drink?

My Grandmother was such a person. She wasn’t perfect, of course, but she had a cheerful expectation that every day God would be doing good. She was busy, her life full of close friends. She served by using her hobbies of gardening and entertaining. She supplied her church with bouquets of flowers for 75 years. Near the end of her life Grandma developed dementia, but thankfully her outlook on life remained the same. My mother cared for her for the last couple of years of her life. Each night as my mom tucked her own mother into bed Grandma said cheerfully, “Well, if I don’t see you in the morning, I’ll see you in heaven!” At her funeral person after person stood up to share the significant ways this simple woman impacted them.

Grandma’s life wasn’t easy. She lived through two world wars and a great depression. As a teen she nursed friends and family and neighbors through the influenza, and lost many of them. Her marriage wasn’t particularly intimate. She lived before women were free to make their own choices. Yet, though her life had its fair share of pain, trouble was never her main focus. She remained focused on God’s love and her safe position in his open hand. Her life was rich and good because her God was rich and good.

No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11 ESV

What if we all went through life fully expecting that God will meet all our needs and freely give us everything that is good for us?

This post is the first of a two-part series. Check back in a week for part 2.


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