The God with Messy Hands Retreat

potter's hands photo


A weekend with Potter as his clay.

Session 1: The Potter, His Clay and Life on the Potter’s Wheel

Enter God’s studio. Watch him reveal his masterpiece hidden in clay

Session 2: Wedged

See the Potter purify the clay.

Session 3: Centered and Opened

Touch the secret to becoming what you are destined to be.

Session 4: Dried and Trimmed and Signed

Glimpse what Potter is doing when it feels like he is hands off.

Session 5: Fired and Glazed

Grasp hope, even during the worst times.

Session 6:

Find your purpose.

Door of Hope Retreat


The surprising path to hope

based on Hosea 2:14 – 15

Session 1: Solo in the Desert

If God is love, why is my life so hard?

Session 2: Whisper in the Wind

If God speaks in a still small voice, how am I supposed to hear him over the hubbub?

Session 3: Fire and Light

 If God is light, why can’t I see the way out?

Session 4: Unlikely Vineyards

If Jesus is the vine and the Father is the cultivator, which way to the vineyard?

Session 5: Finding the Door in the Wilderness

If Jesus is the door, why do I feel lost?

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