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Is it all Good?

Can a thinking adult believe that all thing work together for good?

My reasoning when I was 5 years old went like this: The Bible is true. The Bible says God will use everything that happens for good. Everything is going to be okay. Twenty-five years passed. Everything did not feel okay. I could not envision a happy ending to my own story. I could not conceive […]

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How to Find Christmas Joy

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This week I write about joy. There is joy, yes, a deep kind of unshakeable joy, but layered over the top there is emptiness, space,  yearning. I’ve decided this is good. Longing precedes peace. Looking precedes joy. I went to a store packed with Christmas stuff this week. I strode past the cheerful sales clerk who offered to help, thinking […]

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Why it is Good to be Between a Rock and a Hard Time

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Marble Canyon is a magical place nestled deep in the Canadian Rockies. It was closed to visitors until recently because a 2003 wildfire ravaged the mountaintops and valleys around it for miles on every side, burning the bridges that enabled access. Bleached tree skeletons stand pointing toward heaven, scarred witnesses of inferno.  In contrast, a […]

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