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Breaking Free from Shame

Why do we feel so much shame?

  Christianity is a religion of shame.   Agree or disagree? Come on, be honest. No one has to know what you really think. From the outside most people believe Christianity is an elaborate system of rules, rewards, and harsh punishments for keeping people in line. Most Christians believe it too. I sit over coffee […]

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Three More Ways to Counter Terror

Corrie Tem Boom Quote

This week I am thinking about how Christians should respond to terrorism. The first post in this series, How to Resist Terror  and Counter Terror Operation: Courageous Love contrasted fearful responses with faithful ones. Today I wrap up with three more ways Christians can counteract terror. Counter Terror Strategy # 2: Counter terror by choosing to include every […]

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Is it all Good?

Can a thinking adult believe that all thing work together for good?

My reasoning when I was 5 years old went like this: The Bible is true. The Bible says God will use everything that happens for good. Everything is going to be okay. Twenty-five years passed. Everything did not feel okay. I could not envision a happy ending to my own story. I could not conceive […]

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Where do you find hope in life?

optical illusion

Does hope come from living life your own way? Maybe hope is found in big bank accounts. Possibly the key is to know which kingdom has life right-side up.   Life in My Kingdom An Upside-Down Poem by Cassie Kimbriel and Beth Ratzlaff Modeled after Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed. Read from the top down, then read again from […]

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