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Negotiating with a Tight-Fisted God: When God Holds Out On You

Negotiating with a Tight Fisted God

Seeing God through the lens of bad circumstances Last week I posted about viewing God as an open-handed God. This week I am thinking about the consequences of holding the contrasting view. Many people, even Christians, go through life negotiating with a tight-fisted God. “If I’m good, will you, God, agree to fix that painful part of my life?” Without even […]

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Loved vs. Lonely on Christmas

alone on Christmas

I am alone but not lonely today, Christmas day. All of our assorted children and parents have moved on to celebrations with their other families. My husband and I had a nice time with them earlier so we are content alone. Alone and Lonely I am reminded of Christmases past when I was alone and lonely. I think about people […]

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